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Heazlewood cleans a wide variety of seeds, including vegetable, brassica,…


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Welcome to Heazlewood Seeds


Heazlewood Seeds was established over 30 years ago and operates from Whitemore in Northern Tasmania. This independent, family owned and operated business cleans, dries, treats and packages seed for both domestic and international markets.

From small beginnings, initially cleaning seed for local farmers, the business has grown over the years and now processes seed grown under contract to many of the leading seed production companies.

Heazlewood Seeds has experience in processing a wide range of pasture seeds, cereals and vegetable seeds. Over the years our focus has changed with industry growth and we currently specialise in the processing of ryegrass, clover and carrot seed.

Heazlewood Seeds strives to deliver a high quality product and maintains strong relationships with seed growers and seed production companies. Heazlewood Seeds is proud of the integral role we have played in the growth and development of the Tasmanian Pasture Seed Industry.